Tree Stump Removal — Chappaqua NY, Bedford, Armonk & More

Had you hired us for tree removal, we would never have left your property with a nasty stump like the one pictured here.

tree stump removal chappaqua ny

During tree removals, our guys routinely cut off tree stumps about 6 inches above the ground. In most cases this is all you need…

But sometimes you may want that old stump to disappear completely.

Tree Stump Grinding

Treee stump removal Chappaqua NY.In most cases a stump can simply be ground down just below the surface, covered up with some topsoil, and you’re done.

When the new grass comes in, you would never know the stump used to be there. That’s how we handle most stump removals.

However, sometimes this just isn’t true

When a Stump is Too Big

When a tree stump grinder won't cut it.When a big tree uproots itself, sometimes a stump grinder just isn’t going to be able to handle a twenty or thirty foot web of tree roots.

We bring in the big guns for jobs like this. After the tree is processed, we’ll use our excavator to dig up the stump and pluck it right out.

Unfortunately, sometimes this can be costly.

How Much Does it Cost?

This depends on the diameter and complexity of the job. Much can also depend on access to the area.

Sometimes an excavator is the only option for large uprooted stumps like the one above. Anytime we need to bring in our heavy equipment, the price of the job goes up accordingly.

Again, it depends on access. When we have to protect your lawn with plywood to get our machinery in and out, that also adds time to and cost to the job.

Need Tree Stump Removal?

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