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From Tree Removal to Tree Disease Treatment – We’ve Got You Covered

Right from the start, we’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong with your tree. Whether it should come down, if it can be saved, or if it needs to be pruned… our certified arborists have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose what your trees need and administer accordingly.

Here’s the breakdown of tree services we can help you with:

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services - Westchester NY

If you need tree removal, we’ll take it down with the right equipment, so we’re careful and safe. Great care will go into protecting the understory of the tree, making sure your home, patio, and outdoor living areas experience zero impact.

Tree removal services

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Pruning a tree branch

If a tree is pruned too much, you can kill it. If it’s not pruned enough, you can leave a lot of dangerous deadwood hanging in the breeze. Throughout the course of a year, a tree will shed about 10% of its canopy. Not a big deal in the middle of the woods, but over your walkway or home, deadwood can be deadly.

Tree trimming & pruning

Tree Stump Removal

tree stump removal Westchester, NY

We would never leave your property after a tree removal with a stump like this. It’s just not how we work, and there’s little excuse for it. Under most circumstances, when a tree is taken down, it can be cut off about 6 inches from the surface. That’s about as low as you can go with a chainsaw.

If your situation requires complete removal of the stump, it will have to be ground down or dug out with a backhoe.  It all depends on the size and location.

Tree stump removal

Common Tree Diseases & Symptoms

Diseased tree

Have a tree on your property that’s showing some signs of decline? It can be a little distressing to see a beautiful old tree on your property decline. Often, a tree can be saved if you can intervene early enough.

Sometimes problems arise due to insect issues; other times, they can be fungus related. The good news is that you don’t always have to lose a tree unnecessarily. There’s a lot that can be done, and it all starts with proper diagnosis and treatment.

Tree diseases

Certified Arborist Consulting Services

Arborist Consulting Services - Westchester NY

Before starting a land development project, your local municipalities may require an independent environmental impact assessment regarding the trees on your property.

Quite often, you will be required to hire a “certified arborist” before commencing with your project. We can help you with this, and we can help you in a variety of other situations that may require an expert opinion in writing or in person.

Arborist Consulting Services

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