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80% of our employees have been with us over 10 years. Our people stick around because they enjoy their jobs and it shines through in the service our customers experience every day.

We have a culture within our organization that’s different than many of our competitors. Throughout the rough economic climate of the recent recession, Arborscape managed not to layoff a single employee. We came together and did what was necessary to keep the team together, and we survived.

It’s a culture of caring about each other and it comes across in everything we’ll do for you.

A Conversation With Stefan Karlson, Founder

Stefan Karlson - Arborscape FounderStef, tell us about yourself and how you got interested in landscaping.

“I love what I do… Both my mother and father were Swedish immigrants and avid do-it-yourselfers, always working in the garden and on our house.

So, I kind of grew up with dirty hands and knees, working with my folks. It was never a chore when my father asked me to mow the lawn, I just liked it. I love working outside.

Did you always want to be a landscaper… did you go to school for it?

I worked my way through college employed by landscaping companies. I graduated from Rider University with a Finance & Marketing degree. I was actually headed for Wall Street and then I derailed myself. I just couldn’t do it… it just wasn’t my path. So I followed my passion for landscaping and here I am today.

So what do you love about landscaping?

To take a property and completely transform it and get that wow factor… I love doing that. Every morning I wake up and I’m excited about doing this type of work… with this company.

I like people and I enjoy the relationships i’ve cultivated over the last 20 years with my clients and my employees. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living.”

Stefan is also certified by Rutgers University and the New York Botanical Gardens in Horticulture and Landscape Design and licensed by New York State for Pesticide Application and Arboriculture. He’s also an ISA Certified Arborist, CT Certified Arborist and CT Pesticide Application Supervisor.

Bob Andreasen, Partner

Bob Andreason - Arborscape partner

Bob joined Arborscape Inc. in 2007 as a partner. His main responsibilities are focused on business functions.He brings a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in “Big Business” and as an owner of several “Small Businesses.”

Most recently Bob was the CEO of a real estate development company for more than 12 years. Bob also has academic experiences where he made good use of his MBA degree as a Professor of Business and Economics at the City University of New York and as a Board of Education Member at the Byram Hills School District located in Armonk, NY.

Bob is also head of Arborscape’s Westchester generator services.

His passions include golf, flying, and spending time with his growing family. His wife Carole is the Director of Technology for a Westchester School District. His daughters (Dara and Aly) have impressive professional careers and have produced thus far five wonderful grandchildren.

Alan Orruel – Property Maintenance Manager (Westchester South/Lower Fairfield County)

Alan Orruel - Property Manager & Generac Technician

Alan is a long-time Arborscape employee that started with us in April 2007 as a full-time mechanic. Alan has filled many roles within the organization throughout his Arborscape tenure and was recently promoted to Property Manager for the Southern Westchester and Lower Fairfield County, CT geography.

Alan’s mechanical expertise has made him one of Arborscape’s finest Generac Generator Technicians. Alan is certified to work on air-cooled Generac generators and just recently completed his certification to work on larger, liquid cooled machines.

Michael Specht – Property Maintenance Manager (North Westchester & Puntnam County)

Northern Property ManagerMike is 37 years young. He has 15 years of landscape and lawn care experience, and 5+ years of managerial duties. This is his 1st full season with Arborscape.

Mike’s certifications:

  • Licensed Pesticide Tech ( upgrade to CPA by Summer )
  • Certified Unilock Installer
  • Associates Degree – Pace University

Nick McLaren, Property Maintenance Manager
(Central Westchester)

Nick McLaren - Property Maintenance Services - westchester northNick is another former business owner that recently joined Arborscape’s growing family. Nick came onboard in 2010. He has over 20 years of experience in landscape construction.

Nick is a very honest person and our customers tend to sense that. They like him and trust him.

He’s not big on “selling,” he’s more about listening and solving problems for the customer.

Laura Kiesbye, Office Manager

Laura Kiesbye - Arborscape Office ManagerLaura Kiesbye is a “doer.” She gets things done and she follows through. Ask Laura to do ten things and she’ll wind up doing 20. That’s just who she is.

Her interpersonal skills are top-notch and she has her fingers on the pulse of this organization.

When you call Arborscape, you’ll probably speak to Laura first and that’s a good thing because Laura is really smart and she knows the landscaping business well.

She’ll make sure you are connected to the right expert and she’ll follow up. You gotta love competence.

Laura has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, A Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and 6 years in the landscaping & property maintenance industry.

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