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Irrigation companies install lawn sprinkler systems all day long, but that doesn’t mean they know lawn care or the specific water requirements for your trees and shrubs.

The truth is most don’t really understand the water demands of your soil, your lawn, or your landscape. That’s a big problem, and here’s why…

Landscaping Knowledge is Key for Good Irrigation Installation

Landscape Irrigation Services - Chappaqua NY

Landscape irrigation starts with plant knowledge.

Your typical irrigation contractor may know hydrology but won’t know that a spruce tree has different watering requirements than a river birch.

Or that perennials prefer drip-hose irrigation because they’re more susceptible to fungus with overhead watering.

There are idiosyncrasies to lawn and plant watering that landscapers actually understand better than irrigation contractors. That’s just the plain truth, and we learned that the hard way…

Why we Stopped Subcontracting Irrigation Work

Some years back, in July, we had a terribly dry, 100-degree hot spell – for three weeks straight! A week of that kind of weather kills everything. The lawns go dormant, and the plants get substantially stressed.

Dealing with outside irrigation services, our customers’ landscapes suffered substantial damage because those outside contractors were not in tune with the landscape’s needs. Asking them to come out and adjust the sprinkler systems for our customers was a joke.

They couldn’t respond appropriately, and they couldn’t respond fast enough. It was frustrating, and we lost some good customers. But we learned from that lesson – big time.

Now we do all irrigation and sprinkler system services ourselves. If the weather is abnormal, we respond before the customer even thinks to call.

With over 50 employees… our customers get taken care of well.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Our Services

  1. We have the landscaping background needed to strategically install and calibrate a sprinkler system designed specifically for your property’s needs, and you’ll get the attentive support necessary to assure 100% positive results.
  2. If you also decide to hire us for landscape maintenance, we’ll be at your property every week. Then we can be even more proactive when problems surface. Our foreman cutting your grass is trained to spot lawn and landscaping problems before damage occurs.
  3. We monitor your irrigation system year-round. 90% of the irrigation companies have a two-event contract. In the spring, they turn it on. In the fall, they blow out the system and turn it off. If you want them to come and make adjustments in the middle of the year, you have to buy a higher level of service.

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