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Expert Septic Services For Westchester, NY — System Installation & Repair

It can be a dirty job, but installing a new septic tank can bring an old dilapidated system up to date and back to life. Here’s what we can do for you:

Septic tank installation
  • Septic tank installation
  • Septic inspections
  • Soil evaluations / percolation tests
  • Leachfield Installation
  • General troubleshooting and pipe repair.
  • When we’re done installing your septic system, we’ll plant some grass and make sure it looks like we were never there.

Common Septic System Problems & Symptoms

Here are some of the common problems and symptoms that surface with septic systems.

Septic services - Chappaqua NY

  • Wet drain field (leach field) – if it’s super-saturated, it may need service.
  • Lush grass and plant growth over the leach field likely indicates problems brewing.
  • Collapsed septic tanks can leak and cause puddling near the surface. This is particularly true for older metal tanks.
  • Nearby tree roots can wreak havoc on leach fields.
  • Clay soil can become hardpan and block leach field flow.
  • Septic tank inlets or outlets can become blocked.
  • Sluggish home plumbing can indicate septic system backup.
  • Sometimes your old tank just needs the sludge to be pumped out.

The Importance of Proper Septic System Installation

Your septic system’s job is to filter your wastewater and protect your drinking water. Sewage and grey water from showers and sinks are routed from your home’s plumbing to the septic tank.

Solids are collected in the septic tank and processed by microorganisms. The liquid that remains is called effluent, and it’s toxic to your well-water supply and our watersheds.

A properly designed and maintained septic system will clean and filter out harmful pathogens and viruses from wastewater before they come in contact with your well-water.

Poorly designed and maintained systems have the very real potential to spread deadly waterborne diseases. That’s why it’s such serious business, and you want to have a licensed septic professional install your system.

Why we do Septic Work

There’s a big reason we got into doing septic work ourselves. In years past, many of our bigger landscaping projects would get held up by septic contractors that couldn’t deliver on schedule or didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

Now that’s a non-issue because we do all of our own septic system installations. Our projects don’t get hung up because we do not depend on outside contractors.

How We’re Different

The big reason is that we are also landscapers. So we offer a ton of outdoor landscaping services in addition to septic work. You may not be thinking this is important to you right now but hear us out…

Your backyard is going to get ripped up by an excavator while installing your septic tank or drain field; that’s a given.

After the job is done, who do you think is going to rake out all the rocks from what was once your lawn?

Well, it certainly won’t be the septic company you hired. Nope, they just do septic and will not plant grass or shrubs for you before they leave the job site.

We know this to be true because we used to clean up after septic contractors that worked on our customers’ properties, and it was no small chore. We’ve heard all the stories from our customers.

When we’re done with your property, you’ll have a septic system “built to code,” and your property will look better – not worse.

In Need of Septic Services?

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