Landscape Design For Westchester, NY — We’ll Design it, Build it & Superbly Maintain it For You

It’s what we do every day… design, build and maintain our client’s landscapes. We have a team of 50 employees and a ton of resources at our disposal. It’s not that we’re bragging, but it does set us apart from other landscape design companies in Westchester.

You Won’t Need to Hire a Dozen Contractors

After we design your landscape, you won’t have to act as a general contractor, hiring a dozen different companies.

That’s because we really can do most of the work… lawn installation, tree removal, outdoor lighting, irrigation & sprinklers, even some things you wouldn’t expect, like our Arborscape Advantage Services.

Landscape design - Westchester NY

Landscape design – Westchester NY job site

If you don’t have a landscape architect or landscape designer, we can help.

We have lots of experience with simple & complicated landscape design and installation.

And… when the work is done, you can count on us for your landscape maintenance.

How we Work

Some design projects will be created during a client meeting. But sometimes, your project may be much more elaborate. Complicated projects will involve the creation of a site plan, either by hand drawing or our computer-aided design program.

Landscape design- Westchester NY
We’ll also assist in obtaining permits and permission to execute your project. Site plans will show all necessary details of the project, including construction details, site details, hardscape details, plant layouts, lighting design, and irrigation layout.

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We’ll do The Installation Too

Our landscape designers are entrenched in the design world, but their designs are based on real-world landscaping experience. As a full-scale landscaping company, we have day-to-day experience in the field that gives us a unique perspective.

Not all landscape designers get their hands dirty. Having the ability to design and build puts us in a unique position to give a greater value to you.

Landscape design and installation in Westchester NY With over 50 employees and all the heavy equipment needed, we can deliver a lot more for less by not subcontracting a lot of work.

We do much of the landscape installation ourselves or work with our select pool of preferred contractors.

We’ll be your general contractor and project manager… so you don’t have to be.

We’ll Work With Your Landscape Designer or Architect

We don’t want to exclude ourselves from working with other landscape designers or architects.

We work well with others and can appreciate the importance of respecting another designer’s interpretation. We’re happy to make another designer’s vision come to life.

Need Landscape Design Services?

We have many landscape design clients in Chappaqua, Bedford, and Armonk, NY. However, our service area spans three counties.

Serving: Westchester County, NY • Putnam County, NY • Fairfield County, CT

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