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Tree & Plant Health Care Solutions — Serving Westchester, NY

Arborscape provides Total Plant Health Care Solutions so you can enjoy your property more and less time worrying about its care.

Plant Health Care Solutions

Health care solutions for trees, shrubs, gardens, and lawns.

The targeted applications will be performed at the right time with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the most effective and economic control is used on your property.

Arborscape Plant Health Care Specialists will institute the latest Integrated Pest Management strategies to minimize the amount of application and maximize their effectiveness.

tree and plant health pro with customer Our collection of certified and licensed professionals will tailor a customized plant health care program to fit your exact needs.

Constant monitoring of your landscape and trees will allow us to stay ahead of the potential problems and rectify them before they become significant.

Your needs and objectives will guide our recommendations and treatments. You may opt for conventional or natural organic plant health care solutions.

Regardless of the chosen option, the newest products and methods will be administered to help your landscape and trees thrive.

Tree and Plant Insects problems we Treat

This is just a small sample of common insects we treat all the time. The actual list is quite extensive.

Tree & Shrub Programs

  • Detailed Monitoring
  • Conventional and Natural Organic Applications.
  • Outdoor Insect Control
  • Disease Control
  • Wildlife Control
  • Nutrition Management
  • Root Aerification
  • Deer Control

Turf Programs

Lawn care services Westchester, NY

Tick Control Program

Tick on blade of grass with family on lawn

In addition to keeping your landscape healthy, we can help keep your family healthy by instituting a tick control program. This program will, directly and indirectly, address ticks to maximize the protection of your family and pets.

Need Tree & Plant Health Care Solutions?

We work very hard to choose the right plant for the right place. All plants can develop problems. Certain insects and diseases can cause problems for particular trees and shrubs. If left untreated, the insects or diseases can damage, stress, and possibly even kill plantings.

We work a lot in Chappaqua, Armonk, and Bedford, NY, but we serve three counties.

Serving: Westchester County, NY • Putnam County, NY • Fairfield County, CT

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