Hydroseeding Westchester NY

Hydroseeding in Westchester NY — Get a Greener Lawn Installed Fast & Easy

We have a hydroseeding truck that can lay down your new lawn in minutes, yes we said minutes. Hydroseeding (hydro seeding) is fast and a good option if you have a large area to cover or slopes on your property.

How it Works

Water is critical for seed germination. Dry planted seeds need to be kept moist with a covering such as straw.

With hydroseeding, no such cover is necessary. The seed has already been soaking before it’s planted and it sits in an emulsion that helps keep it moist. This means super fast germination and no straw cleanup.

What to Expect

You can have your lawn ready for mowing and maintenance at around 4 weeks. However, as with any seeded lawn… it takes about a year for the turf to establish itself. So, heavy traffic is not advisable.

If  you need in instant lawn that can withstand heavy traffic, then you’re going to want to go with sod (pre-grown lawn.) Sod is always an option and we can install that for you too.

Advantages of Hydroseeding

  • The seed is wet already and about a week ahead of dry seed.
  • Seed is tacky and locks to the soil.
  • Better erosion control.
  • Quicker turf establishment.
  • More uniform lawn growth.
  • Less expensive than sod.
  • And no straw cleanup afterwards.

Need Hydroseeding Services in Westchester?

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