Deer Control — Keeping Deer Away From Your Plants & Trees Naturally

Deer Control - Westchester NY We get a lot of calls from home owners about deer control in Westchester and for good reason.

How to keep deer from eating plants and trees is the big question.

When deer browse on your property they can have a devastating impact on your trees and shrubs, eating everything right down to nubs, causing thousands in landscape damage.

If you have any White Pine or White Cedars (Arbor Vitae) on your property then you can relate.

Deer love to eat the pine needles on these trees and you can see evidence of this all over Westchester NY.

We Use a Natural Deer Repellant

Natural deer repellant for deer control in Westchester NY

Natural deer repellent deters deer.

If you’re  property isn’t deer-proofed with fencing, then your next best option is deer repellent. We use different topical applications (egg whites, cinnamon, peppers, tabasco) that affect taste and smell so deer will be less apt to eat your trees and plants.

We mix up the repellants from month to month in order to insure that deer don’t become conditioned to one repellent. Our experience has shown this method to give the best results.

Frequency of application is dependent on rain. The more rain we have the more often the application needs to be applied. We’ve had great results from some of these natural deer repellants and they’re included in our landscape maintenance contracts.

Deer Fencing is Very Effective

If you really want to keep deer away form your plants and trees, the permanent solution is to install a some good quality deer fencing.

Metal fencing will last the longest. We use is a welded wire mesh that’s coated with black vinyl. It’s the best option because of it’s strength and longevity.

The plastic deer fencing you see all over is an ABS plastic that will degrade over the years and eventually be penetrated by deer. Fencing posts installed by us will either be metal or wood. Wood posts can be made from cedar, pressure treated wood or even bark cover tree posts.

Need Deer Control in Westchester?

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