Tree Growths — Cankers, Burls, Mushrooms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Tree Growths

Tree growths come in many forms and they don’t always indicate a “tree problem.” In many cases, they indicate harmless tree funguses, but not always.

Some tree growths will weaken a tree’s structural integrity and broken limbs can be a safety concern as well as an entry point for disease and insects.

Tree Canker & Treatment

Tree Problems - Tree CankerTree Cankers are caused by fungus. Pruning the affected limb(s) is the only remedy. Otherwise they are not treatable and not harmful to the health of your tree. However, they will create weak spots on trunks, limbs and branches.

This makes them more susceptible to storm damage. Sometimes, when a tree has a canker on its trunk, we’ll thin out the canopy to decrease the “wind sale” affect and alleviate trunk stress.

Tree Burls & Treatment

Tree BurlA Tree Burl is a type of growth that we often see on black cherry trees. They can form as a result of trama or stress and they can even be caused by wasps laying their eggs and aggravating the tissue of a tree. Tree burls are even considered valuable by some artists that turn them into bowls.

Again, burls can cause similar structural problems as cankers, causing safety hazards. Depending on the circumstances, we may recommend canopy pruning to ensure the tree can withstand storm winds… especially important if a tree is near your house or walkway.

Tree Mushrooms & Treatment

Tree MushroomTree Mushroom: We see these a lot at the base of a tree trunk. It’s a secondary sign, indicating there is decay or rot on the inside of the tree. Proper treatment depends on the overall condition of the tree. If the tree shows outward signs of rot then it has to come down.

If  we’re talking about a signature tree on your property that still looks good but may pose a safety hazard, there are tests we can do to determine the extent of internal decay. On rare occasions, we’ve even saved trees by cutting away decayed areas.

Have Abnormal Tree Growths?

If you live in Westchester NY, have one of our certified arborists come out to your property for a look.

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