Residential Snow Removal Services You Really Can Depend On

We’re very selective about accepting new snow removal accounts. We provide an excellent service for new and existing landscape maintenance and property management clients.

If you’re not concerned about getting a premium service, there are plenty of other contractors you can choose that aren’t concerned either. But that’s not us… we care too much.

How we Work

We keep our plow route very tight, and we limit snow removal services to Chappaqua, NY, Armonk, and Bedford. It’s the only way for us to maintain the kind of service our customers have come to love.

If you’ve ever dealt with snow removal contractors before, you know how difficult it is to find one that shows up and returns calls. We do both, and we don’t ever want that to change.

We have the workforce and heavy equipment to clear the snow, so you get to work on time.

Snow Removal - Chappaqua NY

Snow removal services – Chappaqua NY

  • 8 plow trucks.
  • 5 sand and salt spreaders.
  • 8 snow blowers.
  • 4 Front loaders.
  • 100 Shovels (and a lot of manpower.)


Who We Work For

We primarily do residential snow plowing for our maintenance clients. Although we might be in Scarsdale cutting grass, we don’t plow snow down there.

Keeping our snow plow service focused on Chappaqua, NY, Armonk, and Bedford is why we can give a higher level of service. We don’t spread ourselves too thin.

We do some commercial snow removal for a few apartment complexes that we’ve serviced for many years, but our focus is mainly residential.

Sanding & Salting For Ice

We have more than enough sand/ salt spreaders to keep your driveway, walkway, or parking lot ice-free. We can put you on a complete snow and ice management program that takes care of everything.

You do nothing but relax when it snows.


We have commercial snow removal insurance to keep you protected. Please get in touch with us for a certificate of insurance.

Need Snow Removal Services in Chappaqua, Armonk, or Bedford?

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