Beautiful inground pool with stone landscaping and gorgeous retaining wall.

Landscaping Services For Perfectionists – From Design to Build in Westchester, NY

When we say complete landscaping, we mean it from design to build and then on to comprehensive aftercare, with tailored landscape maintenance programs, plant health care, and even property management services.

Landscaping Portfolio

Modern square format stone patio with fish ponds

A small sample of our work. (inground pool landscaping, swimming pool design, stone driveways, water features, rock walls, pergolas, and more.)

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping Services - Landscape maintenance, Westchester, NY

Our maintenance program is the heart of all our landscaping services. We can tailor a maintenance program for your property that gives you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

Landscape maintenance services

Irrigation & Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn sprinkler systems - Westchester, NY

We used to subcontract all our irrigation work, but the results were horrible. The irrigation companies didn’t have the plant knowledge necessary to design really effective irrigation/ sprinkler systems.

They also couldn’t respond quickly to service calls. We solved those problems. We do it all ourselves, and the results are great for everyone.

Landscape irrigation services

 Landscape Design

Landscaping Services - Landscape Design

When you hire a landscaping company trained in design, you get better results than if you hire a landscape design company that doesn’t get involved in the installation. That’s not us; we get our hands dirty and know what works and what looks great because we do this every day.

Landscape design services

Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation - Retaining Walls

We offer the whole gamut… retaining walls, stone patios, outdoor kitchens, stone walkways, outdoor water fountains, outdoor fireplaces, stone fire pits, and anything else you can imagine.

Landscape installation

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping Services Chappaqua NY - Landscape Lighting

Of all the landscaping services we offer… hands down, landscape lighting steals the show. That’s where you get that wow factor.

Outdoor landscape lighting

Landscape Drainage

Landscape drainage - Westchester NY

Landscape drainage solutions for form and function. We offer drainage solutions for wet lawns, driveways, foundations, and more. We welcome small or large projects. We have the heavy excavation equipment to handle the larger jobs as well.

Landscape drainage solutions

Need Landscaping Services?

We work a lot in Chappaqua, Armonk, and Bedford, NY, but we serve three counties.

Serving: Westchester County, NY • Putnam County, NY • Fairfield County, CT

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