Arborscape Tree Pruning Services — When & Why we Prune

When to Prune

The best time to prune a tree is during the winter when most trees are dormant. Westchester, NY is big apple country so we do a lot of apple tree pruning for clients during the winter.

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Tree Trimming Versus Tree Pruning

“Tree pruning” and “tree trimming” are one and the same to a seasoned professional. That’s because a skilled arborist never indiscriminately “trims” a tree. When a tree is trimmed properly it’s actually being “pruned,” and tree pruning is a serious skill.

Excessive pruning can actually kill a tree. Or, if  you’re not pruning enough, your tree may not flourish, or give you the desired results. For instance, unpruned trees can often obstruct the understory of a tree from getting adequate sunlight, causing lower branches to die off. Definitely not an option if privacy screening is important to you.

And then there is the safety issue…

Pruning For Safety

Deadwood can be dangerous. A typical year of tree growth will usually produce about 10% of deadwood in a tree’s canopy. No big deal when a tree is in the woods. But on your property, it’s a very real safety concern. Particularly around your home and outdoor living areas.

tree trimming - chappaqua nyThere is no substitute for 30 years of experience. Our seasoned pros can spot potential safety hazards a mile away, before they wreak havoc on your property.

Specialized Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning:

Pruning for fruit production is is particularly important–especially with apple trees. And we do a lot of winter apple tree pruning in Chappaqua NY.

Typically, we’ll cut back to the mature buds. Take away the water sprouts, removing the new leaf growth that won’t produce any fruit buds. This is what we would consider more of a specialized pruning. And when it’s done correctly and at the right time of year, your fuit trees will pay you back.

Birch Tree Pruning:

Certain trees when left to grow naturally are more susceptible to storm damage and disease. This is particularly true for Birch trees. Typically, we’ll see the tops of these trees broken right off and left disfigured.

To prevent this from happening, we’ll trim areas of the tree canopy that are likely to be more vulnerable to wind damage. Jagged, wind damaged limbs don’t heal properly and often lead to disease and rot.

Ornamental Tree Pruning:

Tree pruning in Chappaqua NY.Certain trees on your property may be considered “ornamental.” Some common ornamental trees are birch, crabapple, dogwood and some evergreens. Pruning ornamental trees and getting great results is a skill that takes years to develop.

To get the best results , it’s important to have an understanding of the species and know the best practices for pruning. We prune ornamentals all day long and our certified arborists really know how bring out the best in your trees for health and aesthetics.

Corrective Pruning

If a tree is growing in undesirable direction. Or it has inherent problems, where a “crotch” of the tree has a bad union to to the trunk. We may want to remove that so it doesn’t tear off and cause problems for the tree down the road.

Need Tree Pruning?

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