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Lawn Care Services…
We’ll Give You a Lawn to be Proud Of

We’ll give you a really nice lawn that turns heads. You may even decide to take up golfing in your backyard after we’re done with it. We’ll make it grow lush and green for you, but that’s not the big reason you’d want to consider us for lawn care…

You could just call call a big national franchise like TrueGreen or Lawn Doctor? They may give you a green lawn, but that’s where it ends.

They’re not going to do the grass cutting, or spring and fall cleanup on your property and they certainly won’t be adding mulch or removing fallen trees in your yard.

We provide everything they do, and a ton of services they don’t.

What You Get

All phases of lawn care are done in-house by us. We don’t sub it out. You can choose to have us strictly mow and trim, or we can customize a full blown lawn maintenance program tailored just for you.

All of our services are broken down for you here…

Residential & Commercial Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing & lawn care services - Chappaqua NY
If it’s just a finely manicured lawn you want, with golf course like striping, we can do that for you as a stand alone service. You don’t have to purchase a full lawn care package to have us mow.

We have 6 grass cutting crews that service many of our customers in the Chappaqua, Bedford, Armonk area… and other towns all over Westchester.

Lawn mowing services

Lawn Fertilization

lawn fertilizing - part of Arborscape lawn care services - Chappaqua NY
If you want it all… the tightly mowed lawn that’s green and lush, then your lawn has to be fertilized on a regular basis. We also include this aspect of lawn care into our service plans.

Lawn fertilization services

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a service that doesn’t get a lot of attention because, people just don’t know what it is. Basically, we use a machine to puncture small diameter holes in your lawn. This really helps oxygenate your lawn for better growth. More O2 and water makes your lawn happier.

Aeration will do wonders for most lawns, but is especially effective in high traffic areas, where the soil is compacted.

Lawn aeration services

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

lawn sprinkler systems - Chappaqua new york
We got into the lawn sprinkler and irrigation business out of necessity
. Years ago, we used to sub contract this work to irrigation contractors. We learned the hard way that they could not respond rapidly enough to weather spikes.

They couldn’t make quick adjustments to our customers’ irrigation systems during hot weather or wet spells. They just couldn’t deliver. Now, we do it all ourselves. We have the expertise and we have the manpower to keep all our customers’ lawn and landscapes happy.

Lawn sprinkler systems


Hydroseeding Westchester NY
With the exception of sod installation, hydroseeding is the fastest way known to man of  installing  a new lawn. Basically,  your lawn is quickly sprayed on with our hydroseeder. You get super fast germination and no straw cleanup after the grass comes in. A great option for large areas and hillsides.

Westchester hydroseeding services

Sod Installation

Sod installation - Chappaqua NY
Sod is… instant lawn. Yes, you can have a lawn installed in one day. A newly seeded lawn takes about a 1-2 years to mature into an lawn that can withstand heavy traffic. Sod is essentially 2 year old seeded grass. It’s harvested and transplanted on your property.

It’s definitely not the cheapest way to have a lawn installed, but it is the fastest.

Need Lawn Care Services?

Our primary areas of service are  Chappaqua NY, Armonk and Bedford but we also have customers all over Westchester.

serving: westchester county ny • fairfield county ct • putnam county ny