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Large landscape installation projects usually incorporate surrounding plantings in the master design. We enjoy doing these big projects

Landscape installation - plantings

Landscape installation for client in Chappaqua, NY

But we get lots of calls for smaller projects too. For instance, someone might call us up and and say…

I just need a couple of trees to block my neighbor’s house.”  Or… “I’d really like to plant a cherry tree because I like pink flowers in May.” Or… “I’d really like to do a perennial garden because I have no summer color.”

Plantings like evergreens are stable and they’re all year round. Foundation plantings like evergreens provide structure. Perennials will give you points of interest and color throughout the summer months.

There are a bunch of ways that we can help you beautify your property with plants, trees and flowers. If you’re not sure what you want, get in touch and have a no obligation chat with an expert.

Rock Walls

Landscape installation - Chappaqua NY - Rock Wall

 Retaining Walls

Retaining wall installation - Chappaqua NY
Retaining walls are a part of many of our designs and projects. They add form and function to the landscape. They’re used to retain and manipulate grades. Retaining walls can also add definition to garden spaces. They’re constructed from native fieldstone, boulders, and variety of other imported stones.

Manufactured segmental wall units by Unilock are also another popular option and the’re constructed without cement. The Unilock product is pieced together as a puzzle and held in place with friction and gravity.

Stone Walkways

Walkways direct pedestrian traffic through the landscape.

Stone Walkay - Chappaqua NY
They are constructed from many different materials such as flagstone, garden stone, brick and manufactured pavers. Walkways are constructed either dry or wet (laid in cement.)

If a new walkway is being tied in with an existing landscape, materials are usually chosen to match or compliment this accordingly.

Stone Patio Installation

Stone patio installation - Chappaqua NY

Patios are integral in defining outdoor living space. They can be large or small depending on the intended purpose. Larger patios are a great way  to add an outdoor entertaining space to relax, dine, and take in the sun.

Our patios are typically constructed from flagstone, garden stone, brick or unilock pavers. Constructed as a “wet laid” structure on a concrete foundation or a dry laid structure on a stone dust (sand like material) base.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

Outdoor kitchens - Chappaqua NY
We can build simple or elaborate spreads with wet bars, serving areas, work spaces,  gas grills, refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, countertops and more. We work with the following materials: Wood. Stone, brick and Unilock (all depending on the design.)

Outdoor Fireplaces & Stone Fire Pits

Most of our projects are hand built out of a masonry frame and faced with real stone. The fireplace or fire pits can be wood burning or gas fired combustion.

Landscape Installation - Outdoor Fireplaces - Chappaqua NY
Outdoor fire places and fire pits are used as a unique feature or focal point of an outdoor gathering space. They create a place to congregate and allow for outdoor entertaining beyond the normal warm summer night.

They can also serve as a beautiful accent to a patio, deck or gazebo. The addition of a fireplace or fire pit will make you feel like you have an “an outdoor room.”

Landscape Installation - Stone fire pits - Chappaqua NY
The decision between a fireplace or fire pit would depend on the theme we are trying to create for your outdoor room.

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