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Generac Home Generators: Sales, Service & Installation in Westchester, NY & Fairfield, CT

Protect your home, your lifestyle and your small business with the best home backup generators on the planet.

  • Generac© factory trained service technicians on staff.
  • Propane generators.
  • Natural gas generators.
  • We’re an official Generac parts dealer.
  • Warranty claim?… No problem, we handle those too (even if you didn’t purchase from us.)

Not happy with your current Westchester generator dealer? We’d love to show you what real service can look like.

Popular Generac Models We Sell, Service & Warranty

  • Guardian Series: (Residential air cooled generators.)
  • Commercial Series: (Liquid cooled larger generators) used for some larger homes.
  • Quiet Series: (Larger, liquid cooled generators that run at 1800 rpm vs. 3600 rpm) also used in larger homes.

We’re Trained & Certified by Generac For Repair

Anyone can be a Generac sales dealer by placing sufficient orders. Big box stores and online sites do it all the time. But just try to get warrantee service from them!

Generac won’t provide technical assistance or process warrantee claims unless you are a certified factory trained service dealer.

To be a certified service dealer on residential and commercial Generac generators, we have successfully completed Generac’s factory training and we receive ongoing training updates.

Meet Bob Andreasen, Arborscape Partner

Bob Andreasen - Generac home generators specialistWe decided to get into the generator business because of you.

Many of our landscape maintenance customers have apartments in Manhattan and weekend homes in Westchester. They rely on us for all their outdoor needs and the generator service really compliments all of the other services that we do.

Staying in alignment with the idea of providing a complete solution for outdoor services, we found ourselves in the generator business. Our customers asked and we listened.

-Bob Andreasen, Generator Division Manager & Arborscape Partner.

 3 Reasons You Need an Automatic Backup Generator

Here are some very real reasons you might consider having a backup system installed.

  1. All it takes is one  bad winter storm, in sub-freezing temperatures… if the electricity isn’t restored in 12-24hrs, your pipes will freeze and you’ll have a major disaster on your hands.
  2. For summer storms, you want to be able to stay in you home, don’t you?  It’s too disruptive to your life to relocate your family to a hotel or friends house miles away.
  3. If you run a small business, losing power, even for a day could mean thousands of dollars in revenue lost. Think that’s bad?…

After hurricane Sandy, some folks lost power for over a month. If you’re a business, think about what that would do to your bottom line.

A Permanent Home Generator is Your Best Backup Strategy

Thinking you can get by on a $500 portable generator?… Want to stand on a gas line for 3 hours only to find out the gas station ran out of gas? That scenario was a reality for many during Hurricane Sandy.

Carrying gas around in your car to fill your generator isn’t a safe plan… and you certainly wouldn’t want to delegate that task to anyone in your family. It’s just plain messy and dangerous.

A 20KW Guardian Generator producing 80 amps, can run a 4,000 square foot house for 7-10 days on a 500 gallon tank of propane. Now that’s a plan!

Did You Know NYS Residents Get a Tax Break on Generator Purchases?

New York State residents are entitled to “Capital improvement treatment” for purchases of permanently installed backup generators. We will process your capital improvement forms and save you sales tax. The price we quote is a fully installed price.

The price the big box stores quote does not include sales tax. Try and give your capital improvement form to the cashier at Lowes and see what happens!

The 4 Installation Components of a Home Generator System

  1. Electrician (licensed electrician.)
  2. Plumber (propane or natural gas.)
  3. Site work (excavation for gas lines.)
  4. Licensed, factory trained Generac© technician (must be authorized by the manufacturer.)

What’s Better, a Propane or Natural Gas Generator?

We do service both natural gas and propane generators. However, we have a strong bias towards the propane variety. Propane is definitely the way to go. We don’t recommend using natural gas as a fuel source and here’s why…

4 good reasons NOT to purchase a natural gas generator:

  1. If you’re running on natural gas and it gets shut off, you’re done. No power.
  2. You will probably need a $1500 gas meter upgrade (especially on an older house.)
  3. You will have double the plumbing costs, (expensive gas lines need to be buried twice as deep by a “master plumber.”)
  4. Your generator will have 10% lower output running on natural gas as compared to propane. So you may need a bigger machine.

A Case in Point For Propane Fueled Home Generators

After Hurricane Sandy, Con Edison turned off gas supply to flood-zoned areas of Rye New York. If your generator was running on natural gas, this meant that your backup plan failed.

If you were one of the 12,600 customers in Westchester that lost power for weeks on end after Hurricane Sandy, there’s a good chance your gas was shut off at some point. The reason is simple. In a state of emergency, Con Edison will shut off gas supply to repair ruptured lines and keep things safe.

If your generator runs on natural gas, and that gas gets shut down, you’re in the dark with everyone else.

For this reason we’ve been pushing customers to install independent propane tanks. Our personal experience shows propane to be a much more dependable source of fuel.

How The Backup System Works

The technology is really advanced, with the ability to shed load based on demand. So, you could even live with a smaller generator than what might have been recommended in the past.

A computerized switch monitors line power. When main line power goes out, the switch starts the generator. 30 Seconds later you’re in business, with stable power. You don’t lift a finger – It’s all automatic.

Power is constantly monitored and the generator automatically goes offline when power is restored. All you need to do is continue on with your life, business as usual.

Protect Your Home & Your Lifestyle

Sales, service and warranty claims for Generac© home generators in Westchester, NY & Fairfield, CT

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