Cedar Apple Rust Treatment in Westchester NY

Cedar Apple Rust (CAR) A wind-borne fungal disease that bounces back and forth between red cedar trees and apple trees. Spores produced on the apple trees only affect cedar trees and spores from the cedar trees … [Read more...]

Deer Control — Keeping Deer Away From Your Plants & Trees Naturally

We get a lot of calls from home owners about deer control in Westchester and for good reason. How to keep deer from eating plants and trees is the big question. When deer browse on your property they can have … [Read more...]

Outdoor Insect Control – Protecting Your Family, Trees & Plants From Nature’s Nasties

If you're concerned about ticks in your yard, or your trees and plants aren't looking so healthy, we can help. Arborscape is one of the few Westchester landscapers with a dedicated outdoor insect control … [Read more...]

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