Common Tree Diseases for Westchester NY — Symptoms & Diagnosis

Here's a list of the most common tree diseases we encounter every season throughout Westchester New York. If you don't know what tree disease you have, you can diagnose your tree problems on our site.

Leaf Spot Treatment For Trees & Shrubs in Westchester NY

Most leaf spot usually indicates a fungal problem. Springtime moisture and cool temperatures provide a great opportunity for tree fungus to take hold. Tree funguses are ugly but not always directly detrimental to … [Read more...]

Cedar Apple Rust Treatment in Westchester NY

Cedar Apple Rust (CAR) A wind-borne fungal disease that bounces back and forth between red cedar trees and apple trees. Spores produced on the apple trees only affect cedar trees and spores from the cedar trees … [Read more...]

Tree Growths — Cankers, Burls, Mushrooms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Tree Growths Tree growths come in many forms and they don't always indicate a "tree problem." In many cases, they indicate harmless tree funguses, but not always. Some tree growths will weaken a tree's … [Read more...]

Tree Problems — Symptoms & Diagnosis For Trees in Westchester NY

If you're having tree problems and want some quick answers, you're in the right place. If you're looking for tree disease treatments, in Westchester NY, you’re in our neck of the woods so we can help. Tree … [Read more...]

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